BASE-II in Lifebrain

EU Research Project Involving BASE-II

October 18, 2017

A healthy brain is essential to enjoy a productive human life. Many environmental, social, occupational, and lifestyle factors influence brain health. The Lifebrain project aims to identify these factors and understand how they influence brain development, cognitive function and mental health at different stages of life.

Lifebrain integrates data from 6000 European research participants collected in 11 European brain-imaging studies in 7 countries. Lifebrain also aims to collect additional data and biological samples from some participants in the project. BASE and BASE-II are participating in this project.

Lifebrain is an international research project funded by the EU’s  Horizon 2020 programme.

Further information

Ulman Lindenberger, Simone Kühn, Andreas Brandmaier & Sandra Düzel


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