Psychology Unit

The Psychology Unit was initially headed by Paul B. Baltes and Jacqui Smith, meanwhile by Ulman Lindenberger.

Foci of Interest

Intelligence and Intellectual Functioning

  • Mechanics of intelligence
  • Pragmatics of intelligence

Self and Personality

  • Self-concept
  • Personality dimensions
  • Emotional state/affect
  • Self-regulatory processes

Social Relationships

  • Network structure
  • Social support
  • Changes of the network
  • Negative aspects
  • Satisfaction with relationships
  • Relationships in retrospect

Further information can be found on the website of the Center for Lifespan Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

Selected Publications

Gerstorf, D., Ram, N., Röcke, C., Lindenberger, U., & Smith, J. (2008). Decline in life satisfaction in old age: Longitudinal evidence for links to distance-to-death. Psychology and Aging, 23, 154–168.

Kotter-Grühn, D., Kleinspehn-Ammerlahn, A., Gerstorf, D., & Smith, J. (2009). Self-perceptions of aging predict mortality and change with approaching death: 16-year longitudinal results from the Berlin Aging Study. Psychology and Aging, 24, 654–667.

Lindenberger, U., & Ghisletta, P. (2009). Cognitive and sensory declines in old age: Gauging the evidence for a common cause. Psychology and Aging, 24, 1–16.

Smith, J., & Baltes, P. B. (1999). Trends and profiles of psychological functioning in very old age. In P. B. Baltes & K. U. Mayer (Eds.), The Berlin Aging Study: Aging from 70 to 100 (pp. 197–226). Cambridge University Press.

Smith, J., & Freund, A. M. (2002). The dynamics of possible selves in old age. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 57B, P492–P500.

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